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Topstream Case Study #1- Countering A Negative Review Online.

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Countering negative reviews that come up on Google, Yelp or other online portal. Client contacted us about how to respond back to a few negative reviews that popped up on google search and was looking to respond to what he felt was not accurate information provided in the review. In addition, the review came from an “anonymous” contribution further complicating whether or not the transaction actually took place.

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When our client reached out to us, we immediately advised our client not to “respond” back to negative review but to actually think and research whether this transaction actually took place.  You never, never want to respond to a negative review with a first initial response because in many cases, a client wants to retaliate and “call out” the contributor. Remember these responses are “public” and potential clients are seeking this type of feedback in order to properly gauge how a business responds to a negative. Instead, I asked my client if he recalled such feedback or customer his business may have done that could have been this particular customer, and he had no recollection of what transpired. Now we take this situation and try to spin a positive back to benefit our client based on the public response.  A “response” should always acknowledge the negative reviews perception of what happened but open up with an apology acknowledging the alleged incident and then followup with “not meeting some sort of expectation”. Most of the time, these complaints have something to do with either unrealistic expectation, unexpected response, no response or some condition that the business owner is not aware of. The business owner cannot be expected to know, respond or correct a complaint if the business owner is not made aware of it. This also has to be put in the response that it is not the normal business routine or outcome and that whatever the complaint is not typical of the service and workmanship that your business provides. Take this opportunity to point out years of satisfied customers and other important track records to make that point.  And lastly acknowledge that you do or either do not have the business transaction on record but are willing to look into if the “anonymous” person would reach out to you to truly get it corrected.  Most consumers reading such negative reviews with a logical response from the business owner will get it and realize that there might not be much accuracy in the original complaint and will appreciate the fact that you as business owner did not attack this review but instead chose to take the high road. This plants seeds in the consumers mind that just in the rare case they may have an issue or dissatisfied you are willing to work it out and work with them to gain their confidence and keep their business.


 If you are a business owner and have run across negative reviews that you need to respond to or find a solution to counter them, we also recommend to not to “click” on the review. Doing so only keeps it alive and relevant. Please feel to reach out to us at Topstream so that we can help you out. There is no reason you cannot take a negative and make it a positive.

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The Prediction: Expect a Rise in Internet Hacking for 2016

Should you own a business website, e-commerce website, blog or shop on-line, here are a few essential details about the way forward for website hackers that would benefit from area confusion to steer customers towards malware and knowledge theft and extra!!

The yr 2015 is being extensively known as the yr of the info breach. Cybersecurity specialists at Raytheon|Websense shared their safety predictions for 2016, warning to be looking out for U.S. presidential election cyber-antics; cybercriminals pickpocketing telephone wallets; and a rise in vulnerabilities from the getting older Web, amongst different safety challenges.

“The rise in connectivity and the digitization of the every day lives of each companies and most of the people may even result in an exploitation of cost methods, IoT units and the reformulation of our present notion of privateness,” Joshua Douglas, CTO of Raytheon|Websense, stated in a press release.

Researchers say attackers will use the eye given to political campaigns, platforms and candidates, as a chance to tailor social engineering lures. Others will give attention to hacktivism, concentrating on candidates and social media platforms. Moreover, the instruments and infrastructure (candidates, information websites, help teams) of these concerned with the political course of may even be focused. They think hacktivists will reveal unwelcomed private particulars or use compromised accounts to unfold false info which will appear to return from candidates. Those that aren’t diligent throughout this time could also be slapped with excessive bills for safety lapses and gaps in defenses.

“Lures created from curiosity in U.S. Elections, in addition to different excessive profile occasions, will current alternatives for social engineering, not only for shoppers but in addition for the candidates themselves,” Carl Leonard, principal safety analyst at Raytheon|Websense Safety Labs, stated in a press release. “Within the digital age, knowledge dealt with lower than securely might influence elections and even the candidates themselves.”

The analysts additionally predict that hacks concentrating on cellular units and new cost methodologies will impression cost safety greater than Europay, MasterCard and Visa (EMV). As non-traditional cost strategies on cellular units or by way of beacons and sensible carts improve, researchers anticipate that it’ll open doorways for a brand new wave of retail knowledge breaches.

Safety upkeep prices are additionally anticipated to extend, creating main issues with the Web and safety practices. 2015 showed us that certificates of the most popular web sites on the internet were usually not as safe as they need to be. There are additionally further issues together with previous and damaged JavaScript variations that invite compromise; speedy OS updates and new developments in software program end-of-life processes that trigger havoc; in addition to new purposes constructed on recycled code with previous vulnerabilities. Specialists consider all of those will have an effect on safety processes and outcomes for 2016.

As of Nov. 2015, the variety of generic top-level domains (gTLDs) exceeds 700 domains, with about 1,900 extra on the ready listing. Researchers say that as new top-line domains emerge, they are going to be quickly colonized by attackers even earlier than reputable customers. Specialists say criminals and nation-state attackers might benefit from area confusion to create extremely efficient social engineering lures, which can steer unsuspecting customers towards malware and knowledge theft.

Choices of insurance coverage corporations are anticipated to mature with qualifications, exceptions and exemptions, which can permit them to refuse cost for breaches brought on by ineffective safety practices. Nevertheless, premiums and payouts are anticipated to turn into extra aligned with underlying safety postures and higher fashions of the price of an precise breach. Raytheon|Websense specialists say insurance coverage corporations will tremendously have an effect on safety packages, as necessities for insurance coverage grow to be as vital as many regulatory necessities (PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27001).

The boundaries between company and private units have grow to be blurrier, they stated, inflicting growing friction and safety challenges, which have an effect on essential infrastructure. Industries that make the most of numerous related units and networked methods in the middle of their on a regular basis enterprise, corresponding to healthcare, are more likely to face a wider vary of safety vulnerabilities and threats.

Outdoors of the normal monetary providers set up base, a extra aggressive adoption of knowledge theft prevention methods are anticipated, and is because of the many public breaches of 2015, the anticipated modifications in cyber insurance coverage, in addition to elevated visibility within the boardroom referring to all issues cyber and continued concern for knowledge loss.

“Sensible cyber safety is not about simply stopping a breach, however constructing the resiliency and the pliability to answer and reduce the potential damaging outcomes of a breach,” Douglas stated.

The frequency of knowledge breaches seen in 2015 is on the rise, altering the best way personally identifiable info (PII) is seen. Additional breaches and lack of PII is predicted to drive main shifts in how privateness is perceived. The specialists consider that simply because the final decade noticed the introduction of “the fitting to be forgotten,” it ought to be anticipated that inside the subsequent decade comparable giant shifts in privateness rights and expectations will emerge.

“2015 shall be seen on reflection as a watershed yr for info safety, as most of the evolving threats and safety practices now rising shall be immediately attributable to occasions on this final yr,” Leonard famous.

“The evolution and enlargement of an getting older Web will current vital alternative for attackers whereas concurrently tripping up defenders,” he added

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We at Topstream Advertising take your web site safety very significantly. Any website we construct, replace or handle could have the newest in safety measures put in for both prevention or monitoring. There isn’t any full proof option to forestall an internet hacker.  If they need your info, your clients info, they may discover a method. Nevertheless, having measures in place can definitely deter and/or reduce the influence. Issues like periodical again ups, retrieval and roll backs which if caught in a well timed method will scale back the downtime (if any) in order that your website may be restored or stay wholesome.
If you need to talk to us about our on-line web site upkeep and month-to-month plans, please name us at 0443-540-9884.
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Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists

Twitter Lists


Twitter lists are an effective way to accomplish two important things on Twitter: strategically listen, and curate content for your users.

Curated content material typically comes within the type of a retweet and is an effective means to make sure that your content material combine isn’t purely self-promotional. To make curating content material simpler for your self, develop a Twitter listing.

Lists are a strategy to manage a gaggle of accounts that repeatedly function fascinating content material. Organizing these accounts into an inventory makes discovering content material to retweet quicker and simpler. Lists could be public or personal, and will help accomplish totally different objectives. For instance, if you wish to incorporate an worker voice or perspective into your content material combine, you may create a personal listing of all your worker handles and use it to shortly discover their tweets and retweet them.

However, in case you are selling an occasion or content material that options organizational leaders you possibly can create a public listing, made up of all of the organizational chief handles, so any Twitter consumer might comply with that record—making it a profit you’re providing your audience.

In case you’re feeling overwhelmed and not sure of learn how to handle your Twitter account each day contact us! TopStream Advertising offers account administration and consultations.



Why is a Content Strategy so Important?

We spend a lot of time talking with our clients about the importance of a solid content strategy. Putting emphasis on why they need to create a road map for their content efforts, rather than putting something together and seeing what, if anything, sticks. We’ve put together a list of the key elements of a content strategy.

Establish the target audience of your content

A big part of successful content marketing strategies involves knowing your audience. Depending on the goals you establish, you will need to put together either an audience profile or specific buyer personas that will guide your content ideas and creation moving forward.

Ask yourself these three important questions:

  • What types of content do they share (format, tone, source, length)?
  • Where online does my target audience spend most of their time (social networks, blogs, forums, etc.)?
  • How can I best reach my target audience (organic social media, advertising, search)?

Determine your content goals

Is your goal to focus on sales, leads or brand awareness? Do you want your content to drive downloads, purchases, signups, etc.

Maintain your Brand Voice through all content distributed. 

Distribution Channel

Your content is completed but how do you promote it? Not all content is created equal, so you need to plan how you will promote your content for maximum reach and effect. The content promotion plan guides your team in deciding how to promote each piece of content. This should include where to promote it, for how long, how many times and how much money they might spend on the promotion.

The most important question is undoubtedly the ‘where.’ For certain content types, the answer to this question is an easy one. Social media ads are, in and of themselves, promotion. You will need to promote your content across a variety of channels in order to drive awareness about it and traffic to it.

Businesses have a number of options for content promotion, perhaps the most popular of which is now social media.


There are three main tactics for social media promotion: paid, earned and owned.

Owned social media means using your own social media channels (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.) to drive traffic to your content. This tactic is free as it comes from your own social media following. This type of promotion works best for content with wider appeal, and is beneficial if you’re trying to achieve brand awareness or drive traffic to your websites or landing pages.

Earned social media refers to the shares and mentions your content gets from other users on social media. Users are voluntarily sharing your content through their own social media channels, and immensely boosting your content promotion. Not only are you reaching a wider audience without paying for that reach, social shares now actually impact your content’s ranking in Google search. In that way earned social media isn’t only valuable; it’s essential to your content marketing success. Earned social media is invaluable for driving brand awareness.

Paid social media means leveraging social media ads to drive engagement of your content. Promoting your social media posts gives you the opportunity to target a very specific audience and increase your social media reach when you need it most—right after content is released. In other words, social media ads get your content in front of the right people are the right time. This is extremely valuable for lead generation content, and will help you achieve goals of driving new, leads, signups and sales.

Content Marketing Strategy Tip: Don’t turn your head at any methods of content promotion until you try them. The only way to truly find out what distribution tactics work best for your content and audience is to try each one and test the results. When it comes to content, testing is key.

Leave us a comment with any questions you may have around creating a content strategy.




Web sites

We build highly effective “common sense” websites not only for your visitors but for search engines. We also repair and re-build existing websites however in most cases we will usually recommend that a new website can be far less costly and better for your business in the long run. There will be many logical variables that will be considered when making  recommendations for upgrading that include:

  1. Website platform-How is your current site built? See platforms below. View Our Website Examples
  2. Domain names – Do you have a domain name /url that clearly defines the type of business that you are? If your domain is  like “”, your customers cannot determine the type of business you are nor does it help with your website. If your domain is “www.abcdivorcelawfirmnyc”, your customers can immediately determine that you are a divorce lawyer in New York City. These are things that will be discussed in determining domain changes and landing pages.
  3. Locality-Do you serve one City or many counties and areas? Search engine optimization and website landing pages go hand in hand and must be done in order to get the best ranking and highest visibility.
  4. Features and Functions that you would like that would make running your business easier and create better, engaging, traffic producing visitors.  Why re-invent the wheel and spend a ton of money on custom solutions when there is probably an app or plugin that exists. If customization is needed, we will discuss all the options.


Social Media Advertising

We believe social media is one of the greatest opportunities a brand can leverage.

Your brand’s biggest supporters already spend their time on social media. We develop a roadmap to drive results aligning audience, objectives, and tactics. We build a community around your brand using meaningful content that is personal, engaging and relevant to your audience.


Search Engine Optimization

With our unique hands-on approach you will see your keyword rankings, traffic and leads from organic search increase each month, while your cost stays the same. SEO & SEM work together in optimization of your site while generating qualified leads for your business. SEO Campaigns for as little as $150 per month that include reporting, analytics, and on-going corrective implementation to improve page rankings and site visibility.

Video Production

The Latest News on Brute Force Attacks

Early this week the wordpress plug-in WordFence tracked  approximately twice the amount of brute force attacks (login guessing attacks) on WordPress sites. The attacks per minute increased from 10,000 per minute to around 20,000 per minute on Monday evening. Historically this is far from the highest we’ve seen, but it’s a clear increase and worth mentioning. TopStream Marketing takes these threats toward our clients websites very seriously and we use Wordfence as our frontline of defense to prevent  the hacking of our clients sites.  Once a site has been breached, all sorts of things happen up to and including the retrieval of private information, the hijacking and changes of settings for sites and more. We also make sure that client’s sites are backed up in case of a brute force attack. For More information on preventing website hacking and hijacking, please contact us.

What’s Marketing Have to do with Social Selling? Your Content = Currency

Social Selling helps your sales team connect with today’s digitally-driven consumer by engaging them in collectively on social networks. The key here is that content marketing is actually key to social selling. For marketing professionals and salespeople, there is a new skill-set required to network via the social media.
According to recent research, those who apply these skills to help, inform, educate, and communicate with their audience have a better chance at hitting their revenue targets. Marketers have long understood the value of content, but a key part of the marketing professionals’ job is to effectively arm its representatives with tidbits of content that is interesting, visually appealing, emotionally engaging, and socially shareable with their peers.
Content is certainly “the currency of the modern sales representative” hence the term social currency- the more you do the more you are helping improve the visibility and relevance of your company and therefore raising your social currency. – See more at:

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